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This web site is dedicated to the reduction in anxiety that customers experience whenever they navigate to a web site, especially when that web site makes demands for information which is not immediately available to the customer, or which the customer may not want to share. Any such demand is likely to cause anxiety on the part of the customer on that web site. The goal is present the site to the customer in such a way as to minimize that anxiety. Note that the presentation of the web site is not simply the currently display, but the sum total of all displays and all actions of the site's owner over time.


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Fix those scary Web Sites!

First and foremost question of any web site is whether the customer is clear about the owner of that site. If confusion exists in that regard, there is little chance for the customer to form a consistent opinion as to the trustworthiness of any display as less scrupulous web sites will certainly work to confuse the consumer with displays that look like they come from a trusted owner.